Konica Minolta and KRL - a 35 year partnership delivering expert service, support and care for 100's of customers and 1000's of machines

Over the years we’ve installed and supported over 16,000 Konica Minolta printers and photocopiers. It’s fair to say that few independent dealers in the UK can offer that level of experience and expertise. Konica is one of those manufacturers who’s technology “just works”. Incredibly reliable, fantastic value and currently bringing some incredibly innovative products to the market.

We've worked closely with KRL for over 3 decades. George and his team are always keen to embrace new technology and innovative solutions, and that makes them perfect partners for Konica Minolta. The whole organisation is a model of how things should be done, their long term customer relationships are a testimony to this.

Pamela Barnard, Partner Account Manager
Konica Minolta Elite Partner Award

The best service, support and value for your office printers & copiers

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