Printing can be an expensive part of office life for any business therefore finding a way to minimise the cost of printing can be beneficial for your company. 
Small businesses often have a lower budget for everyday necessities than larger corporations do, therefore finding ways to save money and be more economical can help to reduce the amount of money needed to complete these activities. 
Printing is one of these jobs which can be very costly for small businesses, therefore following some tips and tricks to help reduce printing costs can be extremely helpful in saving your business money. 
One of the best ways to reduce printing costs for a small business is to digitise a lot of the communications and paperwork which may need to be printed. 
Printing paperwork every day can be incredibly expensive and often it is discarded after a short time anyway. Utilising communication channels for your employees can help to reduce the demand for printing and allows people to access the information they need in a paperless way. 
This can work for a whole range of different documents too, as digital signatures can now be used for almost all paperwork. This massively reduces the need to print documents as they do not need to be physically signed but can instead have a digital signature. 
Printing only when necessary is essential in not only reducing printing costs and saving your business money, but in helping to reduce paper waste and boost sustainability as well. 
Another way to reduce printing costs is to have rules and policies regarding printing. This could be a daily limit on what can be printed, as well as encouraging double-sided printing and giving specific limits for what can and cannot be printed. 
One of the most expensive aspects of printing is purchasing ink and therefore being as resourceful as possible is essential in cutting costs. Using only black and white ink for everyday printing can help to reduce costs as this is considerably less expensive than using coloured ink. 
Another great way to reduce printing costs is to keep your printers in great shape. Regular maintenance helps to reduce the risk of printers breaking which can be costly to repair, as well as helps them to work more efficiently. 
Encouraging recycling is important too. A lot of paper waste can be expensive, especially if the paper is being thrown away due to printing errors. 
Encouraging employees to double-check all documents before printing to minimise the risk of incorrect printing ending up in the wastebasket can help to reduce printing costs and is better for the environment, 
There are also other solutions for cutting printing costs for small businesses. One of these is outsourcing your printing and copying needs. 
Purchasing an office printer can be costly as well as purchasing supplies. By outsourcing your printing, you can save your business a lot of money and also help to minimise paper waste and overall printing demands. 
Outsourcing allows you to directly control what is printed, meaning only documents and paperwork which are absolutely necessary are printed. By removing direct access to printing facilities, you can reduce print waste and save money doing so. 
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