Digital transformation 

Digital transformation is front of mind in many industries right now. With home worker challenges, stretched resources and global uncertainty – it’s easy to see why some businesses are racing to swap traditional processes for entirely digital ones. 
And while it is crucial to stay abreast of new technologies, it is equally as important not to alienate colleagues and customer’s who might rely on more traditional (and equally valid) ways of working. 
History has shown that complacency can have disastrous results. Look at Blockbuster – if they had only taken action when there was an interest in online streaming they might still be around to tell the tale. 
Similarly, ditching proven solutions that work can be equally problematic. Remember when digital marketing started making headlines many companies decided to stop spending money on offline and print campaigns in favour of digital? Older, more affluent customers were overlooked and sales suffered. 
There will be no shortage of digital transformation consultants standing by to come in to our businesses, tell us what we already know, change everything, and then leave! 
Perhaps by looking at what currently works whilst embracing technological advancement organisations are far more likely to succeed in their goals. Paper + Print + Digital is all about finding the best balance for your customers and your business. 

The future of the office printer 

In many ways, office print has already embraced digital adoption. Software solutions paired with office printers allow you to be more efficient, have greater visibility, and enjoy better management information. Document scanners are the backbone of actually getting documents in to a Document Management System (DMS). All of these printer evolutions result in huge benefits: cost-savings, less wastage, increased productivity, and allowing businesses of any size to be more agile. 
Businesses recognise that Managed Print Services and Document Management Systems software, along with automation are key to helping their business thrive in the digital age. Solutions that help you to save on print, but also enjoy quick, easy and secure access to documents. 
It seems that in the not so distant future, even more office work will take place in people’s homes – whether home office, a kitchen table or even the corner of the living room – working has never been more flexible. 
By using a print management service and a small managed printer, you’ll keep your homeworkers productive, whilst remaining secure and compliant and benefitting from a lower management overhead. 

Paper v Screen 

Many industries are reliant on using paper-based processes in their daily operations. This is particularly true in the legal and financial sectors and it doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. 
For other industries and applications, paper documents are considered to be part of a luxury experience – if you’re offering something of high value to your customers or inviting them to an exclusive event – an email alone might not cut it. 
Neuroscience research shows that when it comes to getting people’s attention, paper wins hands down. You’re more likely to understand and remember something printed on paper than when it’s on a screen. 
So hurrah! It looks like paper is here to stay and it’s the enabling technology that will continue to evolve and help to mesh paper and digital into an effective hybrid. 

Stay ahead of the crowd with print management services from KLR 

We work with the best software and manufacturers in the business to offer the best solution to support your business’ digital journey. Brands like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, HP Pagewide, Docuware, Y Soft and PaperCut. 
To find out how we can help to support your home workers, introduce document management solutions or reduce the cost of your printing and copying, contact us today by filling the form below or by calling 01482 657 007. 

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