Wedding stationers can provide all manner of items for those planning their nuptial celebrations, but having small business printers could add to the service. 
If you are in the business of helping people arrange a wonderful wedding, summer is a busy time of year, although there will be couples tying the knot all year round. 
Stationers can already provide items like invitation cards, name cards for the tables at the reception to show people where to sit, as well as various other bits of paraphernalia, bunting and confetti. But adding a low-cost print option could be a great way to help couples budget and coordinate everything. 
Many of these items will be based on a particular template, with perhaps a few bits to be customised, such as the names of the engaged couple and their guests on the invites. But when it comes to the order of service, the situation is different. 
As wedding site notes, the order of service is a very personal and varied affair, with a wide variety of possible features. Firstly, it may be either a civil or religious ceremony, with the latter likely to require a longer order of service as hymns will be involved in a church service, although how many depends on the couple. 
In addition, couples may include their own unique features in the schedule. The more the couple designs an order of service with their own specific elements, the less useful a pre-designed template will be. 
All this means that if you want to make printing off the order of service as part of your schedule, there will be fewer templates (although your company motif should be on them somewhere) and a lot more designing from scratch. You will find this easier to do by being able to do a print run in-house. 
Couples might go to a specialist printing company with their order, but by doing it in-house to a simpler and perhaps more low-cost design, you can complement everything else you are providing them with by offering a comprehensive service, including the printing, helping coordinate and maintain the themes of the day. 
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