Leasing printers is a sensible move, enabling companies to enjoy excellent print quality and speed without having to invest their limited funds in equipment. 
Even though there is a big drive towards becoming a paperless society, every business still needs to have a printer. 
However, small enterprises or start-ups might not have the funding to spend a considerable amount of money on a good-quality printer that would meet their business needs. 
That is why leasing printers is a sensible move, as it enables companies to compete with bigger brands in terms of their printing quality and output without having to invest in the office equipment until they are more established and financially secure. 
By leasing, businesses pay a monthly fee for the printer, which means they do not have to provide a large sum of money upfront. This enables them to spend their finances on other things they need to grow, such as marketing and employees. 
It also means businesses can deduct the monthly costs from their taxable income, as they are a business expense. This helps reduce the amount of tax they have to spend, helping to save as much profit as possible. 
Most small companies have ambitions to expand, so leasing a printer that fulfils their needs now means they can opt for a larger, more powerful one in the future. 
If, however, they bought a smaller device while starting up, they would have to face another expense for a bigger printer further down the line. 
Another benefit of having a leased printer is businesses do not need to concern themselves with staying on top of maintenance and repairs. If there is a fault with the printer, it is the responsibility of the leasing company to fix it. 
Although enterprises might think they can be entirely paperless as they focus on improving their sustainability, there are still many reasons why they will require a printer. 
However, by leasing one instead of buying, they do not have to worry about the environmental impact of disposing of it, making it the more sustainable choice. 
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