To raise productivity and save space, having an office printer and scanner, fax and copier in one is a good idea so read on for advice on choosing a model. 
The saying goes: a cluttered desk, a cluttered mind. The same is true for offices, which is why most managers opt for a multifunctional printer and copier, so they do not have to take up more room than necessary. 
To boost productivity, save space, and reduce costs, having a printer and copier in one is a sensible idea. However, when it comes to choosing one, it can be a bit confusing. 
So, what should you consider before settling on a multipurpose office solution? 
Colour or black ink 
What type of ink you choose for your office printer and scanner, fax machine and copier will depend on your business. Are you creating marketing copy and content to give to potential customers, or are you printing formal documents for clients and staff? 
Monochrome printers are cheaper, but colour ink is better for marketing materials as it is eye-catching. 
Laser printers for high-volume prints 
Laser printers are a good choice if you print a considerable amount, as they are extremely fast, printing up to 20 pages per minute. What’s more, their cartridges do not need to be replaced as often as inkjet printers, making them convenient. 
However, they are usually more expensive and larger, which can be a problem for businesses short on space. 
How many functions? 
Every company will need a printer to create hard copies and marketing tools, but it is important to ask what other features you might need from your machine. 
Some also scan documents, which enable you to have soft copies of certain files. You could also opt for ones with fax facilities, as faxing is still a popular communication tool for some countries. 
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