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In a day and age where everyone can take pictures on their phones, it is easy enough to send or share images with other clients, colleagues and businesses at the touch of a button. 
However, there are still important reasons to have an office printer and scanner as well. 
Firstly, while you can scan one document at a time on your tablet, a proper scanning machine will be able to convert physical documents into digital data at a much faster pace. 
They are able to scan large quantities of documents, enabling businesses to have more security with their data, as everything is stored electronically. 
Paper documents, on the other hand, can be stolen, destroyed or altered, whereas digital ones can be stored on the cloud, keeping them out of harm’s way. 
This also makes it easier to share with colleagues and collaborate with them on the content of the documents. As they are then able to edit them digitally, someone does not have to find alteration suggestions sent by email and change documents manually. 
At the same time, this saves money on labour costs, or enables assistants to do other more important jobs instead. 
Another reason to have a professional office scanner is the image quality is much better than with phones, tablets or even home scanners. This is important when fine details need to be seen clearly, such as numbers or graphs. 
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