PaperCut MF is a simple, economical software application that controls and manages printers, copiers and multi-function devices. PaperCut MF can be installed in any business, regardless of size, and is currently used in over 50,000 companies worldwide. Papercut promotes a hardware-neutral approach to technology and support, that means it will work with virtually any printer on your network. 
PaperCut MF consists of embedded software that manages printers and multi-function devices (MFDs) by tracking, controlling and securing print release directly from the panel on the devices. Waste can be eliminated and responsible behaviour encouraged by making users and departments accountable for their print usage. 
In addition to PaperCut’s reporting capabilities, Find-Me print is revolutionary when it comes to preventing unnecessary printing – Find-Me holds a document prior to print until the correct person arrives at the printer to collect it. 
KRL’s experienced solutions consultants can help your organisation to implement PaperCut, to achieve significant savings and improved management information. 

Main features and benefits of PaperCut MF 

Costs are easy to control by means of bill, charge or account for every device used 
Devices and users can be managed using a compact web interface 
Reports deliver information on usage and costs by page, user, device and function 
Access devices maintain security through log-in, account code or ID access card 
Responsible use of devices can be achieved by the imposition of rules, limits and auto-notifications 
Find-Me function guarantees confidentiality for documents and secure release 

PaperCut MF in Detail 

Simple and easy to use 

PaperCut MF is one of the simplest systems of its kind to use and manage. Systems administrators have full access to configuration and management through a simple interface which features: 
User directory containing Active Directory, among others, and the facility to create user accounts 
Secure print release and ‘Find-Me’ printing 
Dashboard for administrators showing status updates in real-time 
Print archiving, allowing job content to be reviewed 
Invoicing of the client and/or account 
Pop-up notifications to encourage responsible use. 

Web-based administration 

PaperCut MF enables centralised management of all users and devices through the provision of search-engine based access for administration from any network location. There is no requirement for the installation of additional software or for web server configuration in order to provide support across platforms. 
The dashboard tab is an important component of the administration interface, providing a clear, one-page view of printing tasks. The page uses a number of icons to relay critical real-time information including printing activity and status updates, as well as trending information and statistics such as the number of prints and the measures taken to reduce the environmental impact. 

Smart features 

Smart features enable printing standards to be improved and refined and help an organisation to eradicate waste and change user behaviour for the better. 

PaperCut MF can: 

Help You To Set Rules About Print 

Direct large quantities of printing automatically to known high-volume, high-speed printers 
Issue pop-up warnings to discourage the printing of emails 
Reroute jobs to grey-scale and two-sided printing 
Disallow or restrict colour printing targeting user groups 
Route by lowest cost (suggest more economical devices according to conditions) 
Permit free printing e.g. during classes 
Specify action by job type, user group, time of day and type of device 

Provide Detailed Feedback 

PaperCut MF is capable of producing more than 80 reports at the click of a button, for online viewing, export or printing. Reports target all issues from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. Administrators have the choice of using filters to produce impromptu reports which can then be emailed to specific staff on a regular basis. 

Enable ‘Find-Me’ Printing 

PaperCut MF’s Find-Me feature allows users to print by means of a virtual queue. Jobs are halted and printed only when released by the user at any compatible device. The advantages of Find-Me printing are: 
Heightened document security 
Less work for IT administrators managing workstations, notebooks and multiple print drivers 
A reduction in waste - Find-Me has been proved to cut printing output by up to 20% in busy workplaces 
The ability to provide different methods of printing from auto-release on authentication to active release per job 

Help With Print Archiving & Watermarking 

These features can be used to render users accountable for their printing. 
PaperCut MF’s print archiving enables authorised administrators to browse and review the content of printing in their department. The powerful tracking and reporting features built into the system affords administrators a wide range of auditing functions. 
Use of the watermarking feature can add a user name or other personal information automatically to the bottom of every page to indicate the document owner. Watermarking may include a unique digital signature which allows the origin of the document to be tracked to enhance security and encourage responsible printing. 

Allow Secure Print Release 

The latest multi-function devices are smarter. They have touch screens and are able to run software directly on their panels. PaperCut MF uses this technology to update devices with new features. 
One of the critical features is user authentication - only allowing authorised users access to devices. At the most basic level, users can identify themselves with network user name and password via an on-screen keyboard. However, some workplaces will require ID card authentication. Card numbers can be found in a network’s user directory or database (e.g. door access control system). Or users can identify themselves when they use their card for the first time. 
Card types include magnetic stripe, proximity (HID, Mifare & Legic) and bar codes. PaperCut MF supports many brands of USB card readers including RFIdeas, Elatec and OmniKey. Off the shelf standard USB and network card readers can be obtained from leading suppliers. PaperCut MF has a global network of hardware experts (Authorised Solution Centres), should you require technical assistance, advice or on-site assistance with software and hardware. 

Offer Mobile and Bring Your Own Device printing 

Managing printing has become more complex. As the use of mobile devices proliferates, employees’ desire to print from them increases. PaperCut MF has a range of simple solutions to allow users to print from any BYOD or smartphone. We can offer solutions regardless of the operating system, location, file format or the brand of printer. 
Our latest product, Mobility Print, enables users to find and print to any printer quickly and without assistance. Mobility Print removes the complexity of working across different devices and platforms, while continuing to provide the benefits of PaperCut’s standard charging, accounting and allowance regimes. 

Help With Managing Allowances 

Users can operate in credit or debit, according to specified account rules as to the way in which and how often an account is credited. Network groups should define how additional credit or allowance is assigned. For example, specified users could be allowed to accumulate a surplus of allowance while others are restricted to a “use it or lose it” entitlement. 

Support Pre-Paid/Top-Up Cards 

PaperCut MF comes with a voucher system that is easy to use for buying additional print credit. Administrators can print off a number of single-use cards with a pre-defined value. Users then redeem the cards by entering the unique code on the relevant web page. 

Be Controlled By A User Web Interface 

End-users have access to a set of web tools with which they can track their activity in real-time, check their account balance and view their transactions, without the need to gain permission from administrators. The end-user interface is fully customisable and can be designed to match the website or intranet pages. 

Work With Payment Gateways 

End users should be able to make payments to their PaperCut MF account using payment gateways. The gateways allow third party systems to connect to PaperCut securely. Well-known gateways include leading providers such as PayPal and Authorize.Net which allow online payments via credit card in real-time. 
PaperCut MF also supports closed or internal payment systems such as a main college funds account. Hardware gateways are available to support a range of cash loaders, self-service kiosks and bill and coin boxes. For information on hardware, please contact a PaperCut MF Authorised Solution Centre. 

Top 10 Reasons to Use PaperCut MF 

1. Cut Waste and Save the Planet 

PaperCut MF’s allowances and print policies encourage responsible printing and reduce the cost of paper, toner and power. Reports displaying up-to-the-minute readings of CO2 and carbon emissions show the impact -by CO2 volume or by tree. 

2. Print Policies can be Customised 

PaperCut MF’s policies can be used to control printing and copying and allow suitable access to and use of printers. The use of PaperCut’s filters or advanced coding (JavaScript) will direct large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers; show pop-ups to ask users to confirm single-sided output; delete print tasks with incorrect paper sizes automatically; and suggest an alternative when a printer is off-line. The use of certain commands can convert colour prints to grey-scale and require a change from one-sided to two-sided printing where appropriate. 

3. Driverless Web Printing 

End users are able to print wirelessly from laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones without a driver installation or server authentication. Tasks sent are halted and then released directly by the user from the nearest available printer. Wireless printing is included in PaperCut MF’s standard charging, accounting and allowance processes. 

4. Find-Me Security Feature 

PaperCut MF protects confidential documents and minimises the volume of unclaimed printouts. Users add print jobs to a virtual queue and, when required, release them for printing on any PaperCut printer. Secure Print Release requires user authentication by card-swiping or entering an account code to release and collect sensitive documents. Managers, teachers and system administrators can authorise print tasks prior to release. 

5. Usage can be Monitored and Reported 

PaperCut MF’s Monitor and Report on Usage feature offers in excess of 50 user and shared accounts, copy, print, fax and scan reports, on demand, in PDF, HTML or Microsoft Excel (.csv) format. Reports can be accessed from any web browser or scheduled to be generated automatically and emailed. Reports can also be customised using a personal heading and specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting from available data. The PaperCut MF Dashboard web interface enables real-time visual monitoring of system, user and printer status, including toner levels. 

6. Simple Deployment 

The server software is uploaded by an installation wizard which then automatically detects the printers and multi-function devices in a network. Users and groups are created automatically from directory services including Active Directory, Open Directory, Novell eDirectory or LDAP. Installation wizards help to define user types, access rights, page costs and allowances. Client software is optional and can be run directly from a shared server, avoiding the need to install or deploy locally. Printer technicians can install and configure multi-function devices with PaperCut MF software for management of embedded/onboard copy, scan and fax equipment. 

7. Central Administration 

PaperCut MF enables browser-based administration access from any network location, deploying an intuitive user interface to provide advanced central management, control and configuration across all users and devices. End-users have access to a set of web tools to track their activity in real-time, check their account balances, view transactions, add funds and view policies. 

8. Customised Appearance 

The web interface can be customised by the user adding text, logos and colour. 

9. Scalability 

Modern software design and hardware provide scalability for networks of all sizes, from five to half-a-million users. Regardless of the number of servers and end-users on a network, PaperCut MF is scalable to meet any organisation’s needs. 

10. Uptime Maximised 

PaperCut MF adopts a rigorous approach to maintaining service by locating clusters at the print spooler, application server and database (for cluster-aware databases), as well as providing automatic protection against fail-over in the case of single points of failure. 


PaperCut MF is an application that promotes responsible printing, thereby minimising waste, reducing costs and limiting carbon emissions. Printing is controlled by policies and protocols that ensure appropriate access and use. Users are able to print wirelessly from a variety of devices and the Find-Me feature protects confidential documents and reduces the volume of unclaimed prints. 
Capable of producing many types of reports on usage, accessible from any web browser, PaperCut MF is easy to install and provides advanced central management and control of users and devices. The latest software ensures scalability for networks of all sizes, while the company prioritises maintaining service to maximise uptime. 
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01482 657007 to find out how KRL can help you to implement a Papercut solution to help your business. 
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