If you’re anything like me, you’d like to be able to find documents quickly, without rifling through filing cabinets. 
You would absolutely love it if your business was more profitable because your staff could focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than office admin. But there’s a problem. 
To achieve those things, you need to stop using outdated, paper-based filing systems. And typically, that means using document management software. 
But you’re busy and you don’t have time to implement a complex new system. You don’t know the best way to identify a solution that saves time and makes everyone more efficient. 
As a result, you continue to make do with frustrating paper records, or pick one of the few options available to you: 
Hire a consultant to implement an expensive, bespoke software solution for several thousands of pounds 
Accept that this is as good as things are going to get 
Cobble together a solution using things like Dropbox and Sharepoint. 

Originally we went with option 3. 

As “office workers” ourselves, we wanted to solve daily office pains: misfiled documents, missing invoices and pages from order forms. I knew that we could use our IT systems to make things work better, so I set about researching the best solutions. Products like Docuware cost thousands of £’s and need hours of professional services to set up. 
I knew there must be an alternative, so we began to have Microsoft Sharepoint configured. What a nightmare! The idea seemed simple enough but the execution was way too complex and incomplete. Eventually, I consulted with one of our partners (Konica Minolta) and learnt about the software that is at the heart of DocumentStar. I took all of the previous planning, ideas and notes and used them to implement DocumentStar here at KRL. 

The results were brilliant: 

Printing volumes reduced by 20% within a couple of weeks 
The time taken to find documents dropped from minutes to seconds 
Admin staff were able to spend more time focused on revenue tasks 
An entire room full of archive boxes was freed up 

Obviously, we were on to something. 

The experience taught me that every business could benefit from document management if they only knew how to identify and implement an appropriate solution. 
That’s why I’m delighted that KRL has reached an agreement with Konica to supply, develop and support the system for our own customers. 

Why you need KRL’s DocumentStar 

With KRL’s DocumentStar, you can digitise your documents, OCR them, index them and store them securely in the cloud. Once installed, you can automatically (or manually) tag documents to assist with retrieval, which takes literally seconds. The whole system benefits from comprehensive security and permissions for different types of users – documents can be as private, or as open, as you need. There simply isn’t a better system in this price range. 

Perhaps more importantly, KRL’s DocumentStar will: 

Save you hours of wasted time hunting for misfiled documents 
Free up admin staff to work on important tasks 
Make every person in your organisation more efficient 
Increase office productivity by 21%+ 
With recent events, access to paper-based filing has been problematic, to say the least. All the more reason you should take advantage of our special launch offer. 
If you had to pay consultants to develop a bespoke software solution, you could expect to spend upwards of £10,000 – and followed by licensing and ongoing professional services. 
KRL’s DocumentStar solution is available for a fraction of that. 
During our launch period, it costs just £25/month per user—about what you’d spend to have a consultant spend 20 minutes working on a project for you. 

With KRL’s Documentstar you’ll get: 

Full document Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automatic document indexing 
Safe and secure cloud-based infrastructure hosted in the UK 
File documents directly from a scanner, or via email 
Advanced automation, tagging and processing to make finding documents a breeze 

Imagine what it would be like to: 

Spend seconds looking for a filed document, rather than several minutes 
Never lose an important document again 
And finally get rid of a significant proportion of your paper-based records 
You can have all of these things with KRL’s DocumentStar. 
Plus, if you act today, we’ll also include our network support helpdesk service – Print Controller Support – free of charge for an entire year. Any time you need support for your KRL printers or scanners we’ll be on hand to help, at no extra charge. 

So, the journey towards a paperless office now has a simpler route. 

You can continue to do the same thing you’ve been doing—wasting time and effort dealing with inefficient paper-based filing systems and getting frustrated. 
Or you can invest in a solution that completely solves the pain of managing information by asking us for more information about DocumentStar. 
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