It is important to provide a productive working environment for staff by supplying essential equipment and managed print services to make their lives easier. 
Having a productive office is the goal of every business, so it is important to provide a happy working environment and supply essential equipment to make employees’ lives easier. 
According to a recent study by Office Freedom, productivity peaks at 1024 but drops considerably at 1320 during the post-lunch slump. 
Therefore, it could be sensible to introduce strategies to boost productivity at this time, such as encouraging workers to go for a walk outside or make a cup of tea or coffee. 
A spokesperson for Office Freedom told The Daily Mirror: “Having a work environment which helps you be your most productive is important, as it makes sure you’re making the most of your time.” 
The findings revealed 38 per cent of participants said being in an office environment improved their productivity. 
However, energy levels drop on Mondays and Fridays, no matter where they work. 
One of the ways bosses could improve productivity is by investing in good-quality equipment. 
There is nothing more infuriating or time-wasting than technology that does not work, so ensure everything is well-maintained and has a fast speed. 
Hiring managed print services is a good idea, as this means equipment like printers, fax machines and photocopiers are always in working order, so colleagues do not have to waste time trying to fix problems. 
It is also worth having laptop stands, as most businesses provide laptops for their workers these days instead of desktop computers to enable them to work from home more easily. 
Laptop stands provide better ergonomics, so their posture is supported when working. Having a separate keyboard and mouse also makes it easier to read, type and use the computer, helping staff to work faster. 
Good-quality office chairs cannot be underestimated, as people spend several hours of the day stuck in their seats. Invest in ones that have adjustable heights, swivel around, and support their posture, so they are more comfortable at their desk. 
Although Office Freedom found 65 per cent of staff think being around their colleagues is the best part of working in an office, it can also be distracting. 
In fact, 36 per cent admitted to being put off by noise levels, while one-third said colleagues asking questions lowers their productivity. 
Digital Spy recognised: “Being sensitive to external sounds, whether at home or in the office, can affect your focus and productivity.” 
Therefore, it is sensible to provide noise-cancelling earphones for workers. These block out distractions, so it is easier to concentrate during video meetings. 
Ear plugs can also filter sounds out, so employees can concentrate better, but can still engage with their surroundings. 
Although only relevant during the hot summer months, it is worth supplying the office with a sufficient number of fans. There is nothing worse than feeling stuffy and sweaty while working, so boost the air circulation to improve the stifling atmosphere. 
While over half of office workers find their productivity rises and falls throughout the day, these tips will help maintain a steady level, helping employees work consistently even if their energy dips. 
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