Businesses rely on their photocopiers, which is why it is essential they remain on top of photocopier servicing to avoid them failing at the most crucial time. 
Busy businesses rely on their photocopiers to function well and be reliable, which is why it is essential they always remain in good condition. 
To do this, companies should remain on top of photocopier servicing, ensuring the machines are regularly checked to avoid them failing at the most crucial time. 
Although large office photocopiers typically have a long time span of around five to ten years, this is only if they are looked after well. 
This involves getting them seen every three months, but this depends on how much you use the equipment. 
If it is constantly being used, for instance, you might need more frequent maintenance checks. However, if it handles a smaller volume of work, the longer you can leave it before it needs to be looked at. 
It is a good idea to get your photocopier serviced even if it is running well, as there might be problems with the machinery that you cannot see yet but could crop up soon. 
By making sure it is regularly maintained, you will save your business a considerable amount of money making repairs to the equipment. 
You could also find the problems become so challenging if neglected, it is easier to purchase a new machine, which will be significantly more expensive than frequent maintenance checks. 
Additionally, if your photocopier stops functioning, this can reduce productivity within the company. Businesses that rely on printed documents, such as contracts, timesheets, client forms and so on, could really struggle as they wait for the machinery to be repaired or replaced. 
It can also lead to a lot of disruptions and inconvenience, making work life more stressful and busier for members of staff. 
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