With the buzz and excitement of bars and restaurants re-opening and finally being able to book in a hair appointment things seem to be returning to a version of how they once were. 
Of course, things look very different; huge spaces between tables and chairs, perspex screens everywhere, one way systems, and arrows on floors telling us which way to go. 
But many businesses will also be frantically working out how they fit into a post lockdown world. How many people they can have in their offices, what signage do they need, and what PPE is required to meet the criteria? 

More print on the menu? 

Interestingly one thing that social distancing might have changed for businesses is the demand for more print. Cafes, bars, and restaurants, in particular, no longer wish to have menus on tables. 
This means that disposable menus could become the new normal. Many local businesses will find themselves having far greater office print requirements than ever before. 
The same can be said for many shops and stores, in fact, any business that has footfall. Signage is suddenly everywhere. Supermarkets, drive-thrus, and local shops have their social distancing rules and directions plastered all over. 
Even offices where only staff will be returning will need some sort of print and signage to keep them up to date with new measures and procedures. 
It is also reported businesses will update their branding more often during this time to reflect the current circumstances. There is a need for more information and more guidance and companies want to show how they are doing their bit to keep everyone safe. 
Again this will certainly have an impact on how much print is required. 

Make sure you have the right print solution in place for your business 

Increased levels of print can result in higher costs. Office print can be expensive, especially with an off the shelf printer. Every business is unique and has its own requirements, and the current situation might change how much you actually need to print. 
Here are some of our recommendations for how to navigate your changing print requirements. 
1. Understand your options. Outsourced printing at a local printers, printing on a simple ‘home’ printer, working with a managed print provider etc. 
2. Keep an eye on total cost of ownership (TCO). For example, a local printer might be too slow to react (daily specials, last minute menu changes etc), a home printer may be cheap but the print outs could be 10x that of other options, managed print has costs too – but we think they stack up better. 
3. Don’t over print. If you’re buying pre-printed throw away menus, you probably need to commit to several hundred at a time – if you change something you’re locked in, your money has been spent already. If you print what you need then you literally don’t have to waste a penny. 
4. Look at your local marketing – did you previously rely on walk-ins? You might need to work harder to attract customers. Printing a quick set of A5 leaflets and having someone on staff post them through local doors is tried and tested. Make the design different each time (weekly specials?) to avoid recipients switching off. 
At KRL we are dedicated to understanding every business no matter how small. We offer a range of office print solutions designed to save you money, increase productivity, provide valuable management information, and ensure you have specialist support on hand. 
And best of all we’re independently owned. We work with a range of different manufactures to give you the best option for your business. Our promise to you is a great service at a fair price. 
Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you. Simply fill in the form below or contact us on 01482 657007. 

KRL – your specialist partner in print 

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