Take Control of Your Documents

Document Management

Our approach to document management is simple. Industry leading hardware, proven software and KRL’s expert solutions team working with you, to deliver real business benefits.

Complete document management

From paper and print to digital documents, filed securely in the cloud - we can help

Document management is for all businesses. KRL’s solutions scale from small offices using our DocumentStar solution, through to enterprise deployments of the industry leading Docuware. Every single business can benefit from a Document Management System which:


Ingest documents using your scanner, phone or directly from files and emails


Index the content of the page to make the entire document searchable within the system


Apply access controls to ensure that documents are only available to approved users


Ensure files and documents within the system can be rapidly found and shared


Filing paper documents wastes too much time and takes up too much space. A document management system digitises this process, saves literally hundreds of hours and takes up zero space in your office


Lost documents cost businesses a fortune. Misfiling causes people to waste time and effort. Our DMS solutions allow you to retrieve any filed document within seconds

Compliance, Backup & Disaster Recovery

When you hold your documents electronically in a secure, offsite location you benefit from peace of mind: Automatic backups, protection from Ransomware and easy access.

Document Management software that will make you more efficient and save  staff hours of wasted time

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