High volume scanners and document management solutions, tailored to your needs.


Most modern copiers have built in scanning capabilities. If your business has specific high volume scanning requirements a dedicated business scanner can revolutionise how you handle paper.

Dedicated scanners are an increasingly important part of document management solutions. By combining scanning hardware with document management software you can automate the flow of information through your paper based processes.

Once successfully implemented high speed scanning and workflow solutions will drive further efficiency in to your paper based processes, positively impacting on your bottom line.

Speak to us about how KRL can help you to introduce new scanning and document management workflows to radically improve how you handle paper.


Do You Need To Scan A High Volume Of Documents In Your Business?

KRL can provide scanning solutions with speeds in excess of 200 pages per minute, including automatic document feeders along with software to help you to integrate your scanner in to your business processes. We also have field based service technicians to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

Dedicated Scanner or Multi-function Device?

Whether you need a dedicated scanning solution, or a high capacity multi-function device – we can help. We will work with you to identify the best solution for your business from a cost, capability and reliability perspective. Call us today to discuss your document scanning requirements further.

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