Printer Software Apps

Software and apps for your printers can transform how a business works.


Increasing work efficiency is the key to smooth and productive business operations. Our goal at KRL is to help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profitability, and we have a wide range of business printer software and apps that help achieve that.

We have a number of printer software and app solutions for all the major brands we work with, here is a snapshot of the most popular.

Call our team on 01482 657007 and we can come and visit you to discuss the range of business printer software and apps. We will analyse your business needs and create a package that matches your requirements.


Konica Minolta Document Navigator

Document Navigator can transform how an office works. With one click of a button the application can automatically read the required information, for example an invoice number, invoicing party or date, and then intelligently process the document content. The invoice can then automatically forward onto the accounting department. The application’s intelligent document capture, processing and distribution capabilities ensure fully automatic workflows. This makes internal procedures faster and more productive, help reduce costs and free up time taken by lengthy administrative procedures.

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is a simple, low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-function devices. The main benefit of PaperCut MF is that it can be installed on any machine brand.

  • Track all MFDs/Printers.
  • Find-me printing – global virtual queue
  • Secure Print Release.
  • Control and Report Use.
  • Recover costs.
  • Enforce print policy.
  • Minimise waste.
  • Detailed reporting for IT department.
  • iPad, mobile and driverless web printing.


PowerRetrieve can also be used on any machine brand. It is a powerful retrieve system that can automatically index the text of scanned and electronic documents, turning the entire content into searchable data. It works like a search engine, with just a few words, dates or letter combinations you can search all your documents including emails, word documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, plans, drawings or even scanned documents.

Key industries and applications where PowerRetrieve can really add value:

• Legal Services
• Accountants
• Insurance
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Investigative Bodies
• Recruitment
• Law Enforcement
• Pharmaceuticals

Konica Minolta