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Printer & photocopier servicing and repair

Photocopier Servicing

Complete photocopier & printer service package. Includes toner, call-outs, parts, labour & support.

Printer Maintenance

To minimise disruption, we make sure your printer / copier is maintained fully to manufacturer specifications

Printer Repair

When an office copier-printer goes down you need it fixing fast. All service agreements include engineer call-out

Toner Supplies

We hold toner stocks for all of the copiers and printers we maintain. We manage your toner so that you never run out

Remote Fix

Many printer problems can be fixed remotely by our support staff. Remote fix gets you back online in minutes

Copier Engineers

Our team of engineers has masses of experience, that means more first time repairs and less down time for you


KRL provides comprehensive, expert support and after sales care to all of our print, copy and scan customers


When we’re needed on site we average a 98% first time fix rate & under 4 hour response time.


Our manufacturer trained help desk staff are able to resolve a third of printer and copier problems remotely. We’re often able to get our customers back up & running in minutes, rather than hours.


Our engineers are photocopier servicing specialists, we send them equipped to fix the fault – not just to meet a promised SLA.

Trust in KRL to keep your office printing, copying & scanning reliably
Photocopier Servicing Engineer

Our printer and photocopier servicing engineers are manufacturer trained and fully qualified.


Frequently asked photocopier servicing, repair, maintenance and service agreement questions - if you have a question that we have not answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Yes. Even if your printer or copier was originally installed by another firm, we can repair or service your machine.


Typically service is possible on laser printers (and new full page inkjets, like HP’s Pagewide range). Unfortunately we cannot service consumer/domestic printers, but we can provide a cost effective alternative when you need it.

For typical volumes, black ink copies/prints cost from around half a penny up to approximately 3p, whilst colour copies cost 5p upwards. That means that a service agreement tends to be 8x - 12x cheaper than using smaller inkjets.


Costs completely depend on the size, age and type of machine. If you're considering new hardware, you're likely to pay the lower end of the price range for your prints.


Your service agreement will contain an agreed minimum charge, to cover servicing and maintenance costs. In our case, we usually bundle free prints up to the value of the minimum bill.

Our service contracts cover everything that you need in order to have peace of mind around your print. This includes engineer call-out, servicing, spares, printer and photocopier maintenance, remote diagnostics, remote fix, automated billing and toner supplies. In fact, the only thing we don’t supply is paper!


We wrap everything in an a clear, easy to understand monthly fee, based on your monthly volume. Photocopier servicing made simple!

If you have any further questions around your contract please give the service team a call on 01482 657007.

Yes. All toner is included in your cost per copy or monthly fee (depending on your the type of maintenance contract you have selected). There is nothing else to pay.


Automated readings ensure that we always have toner available Whenever you need an extra toner cartridge, we will promptly dispatch it to you at no charge.


If you don't want monthly billing, we have annual and quarterly options, which we are happy to discuss with you.

For a business, the quick answer is “yes” and we can show exactly why this is true. Here’s a longer answer: The hardware is more reliable, better built, and serviceable. The consumables are dramatically cheaper. We’ve calculated that even for a low usage customer, the savings are over 40% like for like. For high-volume users, the comparison is even more compelling. Consumer printers do not stand up to the demands of most office environments: 95 times out of a 100 a business using consumer printers is:
  • spending more than they need to
  • suffering from lower-quality prints
  • waiting for slow scans or copies
  • experiencing more downtime
  • replacing hardware more often
  • wasting time shopping for replacement printers
  • wasting time installing new printer drivers
  • wasting time supporting users needing to print

There are two types of service agreement, all-inclusive, and pay-as-you-go.

An all-inclusive contract will provide fully bundled copies and prints, based on your usage requirements. You'll pay a fixed monthly charge for an agreed amount of fully inclusive prints, copies, and scans. If you exceed your expected usage you'll be able to upgrade the bundled copies and save even more money.


Pay-as-you go service agreements will provide a fixed, known cost per copy or print, and you will pay for what you use, when you use it. Usually there is a base minimum charge to cover the photocopier servicing and maintenance aspect of the agreement.

We're often asked, "Can I get out of my existing photocopier contract early?" or "My current supplier has let me down, can you help?"


Usually, your current service agreement terms will spell out what is and isn't covered, which should leave little doubt as to whether or not you're going to get help from your current provider.


Most times we can help, it’s impossible to give a ‘one size fits all’ answer here – if you’re in this position call us and we’ll do our absolute best to help.

In most cases, these two terms mean the same thing: An agreement to service and maintain your copier/printer, with an agreed charge for prints and copies.


Typically service agreement, service contract, maintenance agreement, maintenance contract mean the same thing.


A photocopier lease agreement is something different. If you buy a new copier, you may elect to do so using leasing - a lease agreement refers solely to purchasing hardware.


The term photocopier agreement is a little too vague, if you encounter it, make sure you know precisely what is being referred to.

All of our engineers have between 5 and 20 years of copier servicing experience - we definitely don't recommend attempting a self-service unless you're qualified, photocopier servicing requires specialist tools and training to work with high voltage equipment.


Copiers are filled with high voltage components, motors and chemicals; and they are awkward to move. Copier maintenance agreements, or at the very least paying for a one off service call is the best solution for almost everyone.

Service agreements cover two similar but different types of engineer visit: Maintenance and repair. For a printer or photocopier maintenance call we will provide pre-emptive work to keep a copier running smoothly. This may include swapping out consumables on the manufacturer's recommended intervals.


You request a repair call when something goes wrong. An unexpected fault occurs and you need support from your provider. At KRL we handle both types of calls in our agreements, parts and consumables are fully covered and we usually have machines running within 4 hours of being notified of a fault.

A photocopier service contract runs for a minimum of 12 months, but typically service agreements run back to back with the purchase of new hardware - which is usually done over a three to five year lease period. Hence the normal agreement period is 3 or 5 years.


This arrangement works very well for most businesses, it means for the entire duration of a lease they don't need to concern themselves with anything other than using their printers.


No unexpected repair or service charges, no unexpected monthly spend or extra charges - just a simple, single monthly fee.

Copier and printer service intervals are usually based on a defined number of pages printed, rather than a time-based cycle. It's difficult to give a generic answer here. For smaller printers, the cycle is roughly 20,000 pages, for much larger production printers this could be in excess of 100,000 pages.

Tracking necessary maintenance cycles is another good reason to consider leasing a copy machine alongside a good service agreement.

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