There has been a big effort to go paperless in recent years to save paper, but sometimes a home office printer can still prove to be an essential item. 
The concept of going paperless has become increasingly popular in recent years. The idea of the ‘paperless office’ has been developed partly to save paper, but also to save space once occupied by filing cabinets. 
Online databases and the use of the cloud also means information can be accessed more easily, saving all that time-consuming leafing through piles of filing. 
In addition to this, many items that might be provided on paper are now given online instead. Many will have electronic bank statements instead of paper ones. 
Emails are sent instead of letters, and often tickets are held on smartphone apps instead of being provided on paper; for instance, cricket fans heading to the opening Ashes Test match will have them on the Edgbaston app
All that may make some people wonder if there is any need for a printer, either in the workplace or a home office printer. But there are times when it can be very convenient. 
For example, take the ticket app for an event like an Ashes Test match, or any other big sporting event. If you have multiple tickets because you are going with friends, you may find different people are coming from various directions. One of them might be showing up late because of an urgent appointment. Another may go AWOL without explanation. 
Clearly, you don’t want to be standing around at the entrance trying to bleep in multiple people off the same app, especially if someone is going to be late. 
A possible answer might be to get everyone to download the app so you can transfer the tickets, but one may not have a smartphone so they can’t get the app, while someone else will fail to get (or act on) the message. What can you do? 
In that situation, the best way forward is to get tickets printed off at home. That way you can get each of them in the hands of the relevant person ahead of the day and you can relax and enjoy yourself, instead of fretting and stressing while you try to herd cats. 
Other potentially stressful occasions can occur when you can’t print things off. Some procedures require you to provide proof of address and only an original printed version will do. 
For example, if you are getting married and need to get a registrar, you have to undergo a notice of marriage appointment. In such instances, only paper documents will be accepted. Showing an electronic version on your phone or tablet will not do. 
Another instance of this can be if you are opening a bank account and need documents like bills or bank statements to prove your address under government anti-money laundering rules
It can be quite a pain if you have to find a branch to get a printed copy of a bank statement from, especially if your bank has closed your nearest branch and you live outside a major urban area. 
There may be good reasons to go paperless to save space and trees, but there are some occasions when doing without a printer just won’t work. 
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