PDF software plays a crucial part in every enterprise business. Many companies use Adobe® because they think it’s the only option, but what has Adobe® done for you lately? 
Savvy IT leaders are seeking cost-saving alternatives with simpler licensing models that deliver benefits beyond the budget and across the enterprise. Hidden PDF software costs can eat away at your bottom line if you’re not partnering with the right vendor and PDF software can actually boost your budget. Here are 3 ways how: 
Many organisations are facing higher subscription pricing than they originally signed on for or are realising that their subscription does not include support. PDF software pricing should be easy to understand.  
WithKofax you get one license, one price, and predictable and affordable maintenance which gives you access to all upgrades and high quality customer support. 
Some organisations are trying to get things done without enough licenses for all users, bringing potential audit fines. They must have contingency line items for penalties built into their budgets. 
Instead acquire additional solutions to help your organisation achieve its objectives. Power PDF allows you to put PDF into the hands of all workers who need it without fearing an audit. 
IT teams waste time supporting multiple PDF applications Some organizations use many different PDF applications that each require continuous upgrades and patches. Some of these apps fly under the radar and cause security and compliance issues.  
Avoid the hidden costs associated with frequent patches to multiple products by standardising on one secure, stable application where users can support each other for functionality questions. 
Today, you have more than one best-in-class choice when it comes to PDF software. Kofax Power PDF Advanced is designed with savings, security, and simplicity in mind. 
To find out more contact a member of our team today. 
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