When it comes to running a business you strive to ensure that processes are as efficient and as cost-effective as possible. You look at all the different parts of the business to see how they can be made better. Print technology is one area where businesses can often achieve significant improvements. 

But how? 

Well, one way is to ensure that you consolidate all your print technology. The old-fashioned approach is to have a separate printer, scanner and copier, all offering a separate function, however this could be made much better by investing in a multifunction printer, one that can do all of these things and so much more. 
This advantage is obvious, but what other positives are there to consolidating your printer, copier and scanner into one machine? 

You will save office space 

Space is something that we could all benefit from having more of, particularly in the business world. By their very nature, printers, copiers and scanners can be quite big machines, which means that they are going to take up space. Having one, rather than 3 separate machines is going to save you space, which is a hugely positive thing in our eyes. 

You only have to train staff on one machine 

It is important that all your staff know how to use the tech within your office space, when you have three separate machines then they will need to know how to use each and every one, which can take time to train them on and can be confusing for them. Having just one machine to learn how to use is great, because it makes sure that things are much easier for your staff to get to grips with. 

There is one single company for all repairs and servicing 

Machines break down from time to time, and in order to keep them working the best that they can, you are going to need to arrange for regular servicing of the machines. If you have separate tech, then that is 3 separate companies to contact when you need repairs or servicing to be arranged. Which isn’t exactly the best way to utilise your time. Having one machine means one company to call in case of repair, one company to call to arrange a service. 

You can get things done quicker 

When you have everything in one place, it makes sense that you are going to be able to get things done quicker. You can copy something whilst something else is scanning, you can print multiple documents whilst you are faxing something, being able to best utilise the time that you (and your employees have) is an important consideration for any business. 

You can take a look at areas of waste 

Another important consideration for any business is waste. This could be a waste of resources, or a waste of money. Many of the modern all in one consolidated printers will also have in-built technology to help you to look at areas of waste and make the relevant changes. 
As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it is worthwhile making sure that you consolidate your printer, copier and scanner, choosing to install one piece of technology, rather than having lots of different machines to get to grips with. 
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