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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services are designed to help companies improve efficiencies and profitability, while also reducing costs. Any business that prints and copies can make significant savings through simply managing their printing and copying more effectively. Staff time, maintenance costs, consumables, IT support and the device cost can cost a business a significant amount of money on a monthly basis.

In order to cut costs and improve productivity many businesses are looking to procure their equipment, consumables and service in a single, all-inclusive contract known as a Managed Print Service. No matter what the size of your organisation, implementing such a solution means that yourself and your staff only need to think about what you are printing and we do the rest.

The savings which a Managed Print Service can deliver should not be under-estimated. Our pro-active approach reduces the number of hours IT staff are spending fixing printers and shows tangible cost-savings by having all devices on a cost-per-copy basis.

Why should you consider an MPS?

If you have a variety of models of copiers, printers, fax machines scattered around the office, all using different toners and consumables with different rates of cost-per-copy.

  • Using a variety of makes and models means a variety of toners and other consumables need to be sourced, taking up administrative time and resource.
  • Is your IT department too busy to handle printing and copying support? – IT staff have bigger projects and challenges than having to install a print driver or fix a paper jam.
  • Are multiple departments able to purchase devices? In many businesses there has been a shift from centralised purchasing departments to a fragmented approach. If you have a cohesive buying approach you will be able to get a better price and service.
  • Are your stationary cupboards full of unused ink cartridges, printers and parts – Supplies take up valuable space. Desktop printers have a short life-span you could end up with redundant supplies once a machine breaks down.
  • Few or no policies around print – If there are no policies or rules in place there are no boundaries as to what users can and can’t print and to what device. Streamlining printing can be up to 10 times more efficient.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services with KRL

• Save Money • Save Time • Improve Productivity • Increase Efficiency
• Improve Security • New Technology • Personal Service

  • Save money - One supplier = one invoice which makes life easier for your accounts department and gives you a true picture of your printing and copy costs.
  • Save time - One cost per copy across your fleet means you don’t have the worry of buying toners, arranging repairs as all of this is included and you can budget ahead.
  • Improve productivity - Having a single partner for all devices removes the need for individuals within your organisation to waste time sourcing consumables and maintenance. It also allows your IT staff to get on with more important tasks as any service issues should be directed through to KRL Group’s service technicians who are dedicated to keeping you up and running and easily solve problems and pro-actively prevent issues from occurring.
  • Increase efficiency - Minimise equipment downtime through faults and lack of consumables with one call to KRL Group. Allowing us to manage your print environment means what used to your headache is taken away and dealt with by us, providing your organisation with a seamless experience.
  • Improve security - Take advantage of print security features on your MFDs especially in environments where devices are shared. Using standard options such as Secure Print you are able to send sensitive documents from your PC to your own personal secure user box on the MFD and then collect when is convenient using a unique user name and pin code. This also gets away from a pile-up of unwanted prints at the end of the day as you only print what you need and as you are at the device you pick up everything you print.
  • New technology - We strive to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure they achieve maximum productivity for minimum cost. As new products move into the market we keep you informed if you could benefit.
  • Personal Service - KRL Group will allocate you an account manager who will visit you on a quarterly basis to discuss the performance of your fleet, and to advise on any problems that may have been encountered and how these are to be resolved.
Benefits of KRL Group

The next step is to take action. KRL Group listen to what you need. We believe in forming long-lasting partnerships with our customers, which means understanding your business now and looking at future growth Call us on 01482 657007.

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