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Building on the Foundations of a Long Service Relationship – KRL and Scotts Property

In 1995, KRL Group was just entering it’s tenth year. Already established as one of the UK’s leading print and copy solutions providers, it was the obvious choice for the burgeoning Scotts Property of Hull.

Service Relationship KRL and Scotts Property

Launched in 1990, the commercial property experts were in the process of expansion – a process which would eventually see Scotts offices opening across the Humber region – and the company needed to find a high quality and reliable office print solution.

23 years on, Scotts Office Manager, Sarah Brown, says that KRL is one of the few suppliers she wouldn’t even consider changing. ‘KRL always does exactly what it promises,’ she explains. ‘We currently have KONICA MINOLTA multifunction devices (copier/printer/scanner) at two of our offices in Hull and Grimsby, and they make an enormous difference to the way that we work.

‘The nature of the business means that we have to scan and store a huge number of documents. They’re important things that we either need to keep for legal purposes, or to access on a regular basis – such as lease agreements. So, the quality of the documents really matters. But equally, we have to consider the storage – and consequent cost – ramifications of keeping high-res files for long periods. The KONICA MINOLTA devices employ incredible compression, which enables us to keep everything we need, but take up seven times less storage space.

‘This also makes a big difference when communicating with clients. Most people work via email these days, but sending the non-compressed property files could crash a system, or fill a limited inbox. Using the KRL devices helps us to provide a better and faster service.’

One of the major benefits of using the KRL Group’s managed services rather than purchasing office solutions outright is that should anything go wrong, tech support is immediately available. ‘It’s not often that we have any problems,’ says Sarah. ‘But when we do, KRL always responds incredibly quickly.’

‘While our customers value our products, it’s our service that they keep coming back for,’ explains David Tucker, KRL Account Executive. ‘Our products really speak for themselves, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that if anything does go wrong – and no tech is ever infallible – then we’re there to help at the earliest possible opportunity.

‘Scotts Property have had a very specific set of requirements from us from the off, but those needs have changed over the years, as technology – specifically, in storage – has developed. We’ve been able to keep their equipment up to date and cater for those changing needs. By listening to their feedback, we’ve been able to ascertain which products would best suit their requirements. It’s been a pleasure to watch their business grow over the years, and we hope to be able to do so for years to come.’

‘I think what makes KRL one of the few suppliers we’re unlikely to change is the reliability of service,’ adds Sarah. ‘They’ve always been honest with us, and when it’s time to upgrade there’s never been any hard sell. That’s really refreshing in modern business.’

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