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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you note which toner i.e. black (k), cyan (c), magenta (m), or yellow (y) and check that you have one ready to put in, you don’t need a whole set only the one which is showing as almost empty. Your machine will continue to run but If you don’t have one in stock call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2 for a replacement and we will despatch one out to you at the next available delivery. Please don’t replace it until ‘toner empty’ shows on the display. It would also be advisable to check if anyone else in your company has already ordered a replacement.

Like the fuel in your car if it hasn’t got any it won’t run until you put some in. Check around your premises to see if you have one in stock or if one has recently been ordered and arrived, it will have a colour associated with it as per the previous answer, please make sure that you replace ONLY that one not the whole set. If you haven’t got a replacement call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2 for a replacement

Check first that you have sent the document to the correct printer, then check the printer display to see if there is a message or warning lamp flashing, often it may be an incorrect paper sized original which doesn’t fit the paper loaded into the machine. This may be rectified by cancelling the print job on the display, loading the correct paper into the machine or resending the document at a suitable size for the paper stock.

This may happen for a number of reasons but first press the red ‘cancel or clear’ button, if that doesn’t work press the yellow ‘reset’ button, if that still hasn’t worked locate the ‘power-down’ switch (usually on the side of the display panel or side of the machine). In the unlikely event that the machine does not power down after a minute switch the mains power off at the wall, wait for 1 minute then power back up again at the wall and main operator switch. If the fault still hasn’t cleared call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2 and we will help you through the issue.

First check the cleanliness of the glass areas as this is often caused by earlier documents leaving a residue or deposit somewhere on the glass. The first action to take is to clean the glass thoroughly. Check & clean the main area of the glass where you would place your document to copy it, secondly there is a much smaller area of glass to the left of that area about 2cm wide, this may give you a dark line down the entire length of the copy so you need to check that this is clean and free of marks such as correction fluid etc. If all is clean you will need to call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2.

First, make a note of the code then call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2, we will use that code to narrow down the issues, if we can fix it over the phone we will, otherwise we may need to send and engineer.

Sometimes your own internal I.T. department may have made changes to your network when installing new software, check with them first. If they are not aware of any changes you will be able to call us for support free of charge if you have an I.T. support contract with us, if you don’t already have one or would like one please call our customer care centre on 01482 657007 option 2 for advice on how we can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions