Document Management

We have solutions from all our major brand partners, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Ricoh,


A Document Management System, sometimes called Document Archive Retrieval can revolutionise business systems. You can track, manage and store documents digitally. This practice will reduce paper storage and improve the ability to locate documents vastly.

We can install a document management system on any scanning device. This will allow you to scan a document, store it in a pre-defined location, put any necessary security measure in place and then retrieve it quickly through search functionality.

We have solutions from all our major brand partners, Kyocera, Konica and Ricoh, we also have document management solutions that will work with any machine you have if your office. Whatever your document management need we can tailor a solution for you. Call 01482 657007 to find the perfect business solution for you.



• 80-90% of corporate information resides in paper documents.
• 90% of corporate memory exists on paper.
• Companies send on average £25 in labour to file a document, £170 in labour to find a misfiled document and £300 to reproduce a lost document.

Papercut, Power Retrieve, Ysoft (Konica), Doc Navigator are a handful of the document management solutions we can provide for your business.

Features and Benefits

• One-touch scanning to distribution. Automatically distribute scanned documents to multiple pre-determined destinations.
• Fax Routing: Automatically distribute faxed documents to a predetermined location.
• Zone-OCR and barcode recognition. Route scanned documents based on zonal text or bar codes
• Scan and print directly to and from the cloud using secure authentication.
• Security – utilise pin numbers, IDs and passwords, to monitor usage
• Windows folder structure: Documents are captured from predefined Windows folders. It can be automatically picked up and processed according to the workflow specification.

Types of businesses that can particularly benefit from Document Management

• Solicitors
• Accountants
• Financial advisors
• Recruitment companies – CV search
• Logistics and Shipping documents

How does Document Management work?

OCR (Optical character recognition) – OCR turns a picture of text into text transforming it into editable, extractable or searchable content.

Document management solutions use “Meta Data” to enable search. You can tag and assign documents with Meta Data to enable documents to be found easily.

Network location: Scanned documents are delivered directly into desired network folders, which can be selected on the MFP panel or are automatically addressed according to the workflow specifications.

Documents can be stored in several systems, including SharePoint, SharePoint Online (Office 365), Google Drive, Telekom Cloud, Digital Cabinet, Evernote, and others. Even an XML generator is provided, ensuring support of most electronic systems.

Or documents can be emailed to any email address required.

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