Cost effective rental options

Need to rent a photocopier?

We maintain a stock of our most popular devices and can often configure, deliver and install within a couple of days


Printer or photocopier rental can get you the tech you need without the upfront capital investment

KRL Stock a wide selection of new and refurbished rental printers and copiers. Rental can be a great choice for fixed term projects, where a long term lease isn’t a good fit. Additionally a rental machine gives you the flexibility to swap out and upgrade as your requirements change.

Photocopier Rental: photocopier rental eqp mp c4504ex 10

A3 Printer Rentals

Rent an A3 printer / photocopier for your project. Installed, maintained and services by KRL. Simply confirm your specification, select any options and we’ll have you printing in no time

Rent A Photocopier

If your short term project demands printing or photocopying facilities then rental could be an option for you. Not sure whether to lease or rent? Speak to one of our copier experts today for free, no pressure advice and guidance.

Copier and printer rentals. Ideal for short term projects or when leasing isn’t a good fit for you

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