Consolidate your organisation's print fleet

Benefit from a managed print service

MPS will help to simplify the management of any medium to large print fleet. A single point of contact no matter what the requirement.

You're already spending managing your office printers.

We’ll make sure that it is time and money well spent. Every business is already on some kind of print management journey. We can manage some, or all of your print tech to make things cost effective, simpler and more efficient.

Our Four Step Managed Print (MPS) Process

Print Audit

Document the current picture, assess business goals and requirements. Ensure issues, challenges and supply chain are completely understood.

Solution Design

Map out a complete solution, including timeline for migraton to KRL. Solutions are fully costed & offer guaranteed service and cost improvements.


Implement the solution mapped out in stage two to deliver a managed print service which matches the requirements captured in the stage 1 audit.


Provide ongoing support and refinement of the MPS solution to provide incremental improvements to the overall deployed solution.

Managed Print Services in detail

KRL’s managed print service will help you to deliver a lower cost, higher performance copy and print solution in to your organisation. The exact challenges that you’re facing will be discovered and documented: from print costs to the efficiency of your document processes.

Once we understand your pain points we will develop a solution to optimise print and documents within your estate. We will monitor performance of your print and work with you to deliver continuous incremental improvements.

KRL will handle everything from service and supply of equipment, automated meter readings, clear and consolidated billing, toner and consumables supply; to the safe and secure decommissioning and removal of hardware at the end of its life.

Managing supply of consumables, keeping old devices operational and supporting users is a burden which you shouldn’t need to carry. Sourcing printing hardware, keeping it secure and working efficiently can be complex and expensive.

Our MPS will allow your teams to focus on core business activities, whilst we keep you printing and copying.

How would it feel to ‘solve’ print, permanently?


Managed print allows you to focus on your core business activities, whilst we focus on keeping your office print working securely, reliably and efficiently


Your office print supply chain issues can be permanently resolved – one point of contact to maintain, manage and secure all of your multi-function devices


Put an end to the cycle of periodically assessing your print. Comprehensive management and ongoing print analysis and audits ensure you continue to receive best value 

Managed print services reduce the burden of maintaining your organisation’s print fleet

The best service, support and value for your office printers & copiers