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Lease a photocopier to enjoy tax benefits and improved cash-flow

An office copier lease ensures that your business has access to the best office equipment, as and when it’s needed. This allows you to stay competitive, reduce costs and increase productivity – all without tying up your capital.

We can help you to change your office photocopiers to newer, faster, cheaper to run hardware – you’ll benefit from lower running costs and less downtime.

All provided through a flexible lease agreement, designed to be tax-efficient and benefit your cash flow

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Office printer lease benefits


Printer and photocopier leasing and rental FAQ

A brand new multifunction device a.k.a photocopier can cost several thousand pounds. For many businesses, it makes sense to use leasing to keep cash in the business, whilst turning printing into an operational cost. By leasing a printer or copier, large one-off costs can be mitigated by paying a monthly or quarterly charge. If you're trying to decide whether to buy or lease a photocopier, remember: leasing keeps cash in your business and helps to level out cash flow during the term of the lease.

Typically a photocopier / printer lease term is 3 or 5 years. Most businesses feel that 36 - 60 months represents the best balance of payment versus the age of the equipment. Other lease terms are possible, you should discuss your precise needs before making a commitment.

A copier lease agreement is based on the cost of the hardware. Small A4 printers, for example, could cost less than £10 per month. On the other hand, several large high-speed printers distributed throughout a large office, or at multiple branches would cost significantly more. In terms of does "leasing cost more than cash" - once you look at the total cost of ownership, including tax benefits and the opportunity value of cash - the answer is no, it usually costs less.

You will, in all likelihood need a trading record (usually 3 years) to be accepted for a lease. Like any type of financing, every situation is unique. In our experience, there is usually a lease solution available, if leasing is the best fit for you. An alternative to leasing a photocopier is to rent one. We have a wide range of rental equipment available if that's a better fit for you.

Technology advances quickly. Your business may have recently pivoted, or expanded out to new markets. Leasing agreements help you to upgrade older copiers without needing to purchase a brand new solution. Leases are also a great way to test new equipment without committing to a full scale capital investment project.

Leasing brings with it a tax advantage. Leased photocopier equipment is classed as a 100% business expense, lowering taxable income. In most cases the 100% expense benefit is worth more (and easier to account for) than the capital allowance scheme.

We’re all trying to keep cash available in our businesses to enable us to seize opportunities and weather the markets. Leasing keeps your capital in the business, whilst allowing you to benefit from the new copier hardware that you need.

Document printing, scanning and management is an ongoing cost for most businesses, a lease agreement levels out expenditure and makes budgeting and forecasting much simpler. Spreading spend over a lease period also helps to improve cash flow by reducing the number of large, infrequent capital expenditure projects.

Leasing is a totally separate arrangement from existing credit facilities, such as your bank overdraft; as such it provides a valuable additional credit line.

Ultimately it has to be about what's right for your business. In our view, buying capital I.T. equipment outright is not a good use of cash. This is not an asset which will appreciate in value, by structuring the copier in to a lease you're turning a capital item in to a operational cost, combined with the tax efficiency of leasing and the opportunity value of keeping cash in the business - leasing is usually the best option.

We make this part incredibly easy for you. You don't need to deal with finance companies or lengthy application forms. Once we've agreed on the best photocopier for you, we'll put everything together, including the lease paperwork, ready for your approval. Once you're happy we handle submitting everything and you'll have your copier in a few days.

leasing gets you the solution you need without compromise

Don’t let cash flow restrict or compromise the solution your business needs. A photocopier lease lets you invest in what your business really needs and improves cash flow.

Flexible repayments

Regular, predictable, manageable payments for the life time of the contract. Flexible end of term options, retain, augment or upgrade.

Pay a single QUARTERLY OR monthly fee for everything

Our photocopier lease solutions can cover the cost of the equipment plus any implementation and ongoing fees, all within the same fixed monthly payment.

KRL’s flexible leasing options are an easy way to purchase new business printers, photocopiers, software and apps to make your office work more efficiently.

Leasing a photocopier helps you to manage cashflow and reduce your ongoing costs

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