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Why old your old printers are costing you more than you think

Old printers can be more expensive to run than you might expect, and the costs attached to sourcing supplies, maintenance and power can be considerable. If your printer is costing you a great deal of money to run, it may well be time to start thinking of upgrading to a more modern alternative. A new printer can deliver a remarkable return on investment by helping you reduce running costs, energy bills and more. If you are wondering about whether to replace your existing printer but haven’t decided whether to take action or not, consider the following factors.

Printing Costs

If you don’t know what your cost per page is, don’t despair. Many organisations are unaware of the costs they are incurring when they print a document. If you do have an older printer, you may well be paying far more than you need to. Older printers are much more expensive to run than many of the newer models on the market. If your printer is a decade old or more, you may get around 5,000 pages for each cartridge you buy. It’s possible to reduce your cost per page by up to 50% when you buy a new printer. Today’s models also tend to have less downtime and can therefore boost your productivity substantially. If you don’t currently know your cost per page, it may well be worth doing your research and finding out how much your printing endeavours are costing you. It’s easy to see how a new printer could essentially pay for itself.

The age of your printers

You may find it incredibly tough to source spare parts if your printer is close to a decade old. If you cannot get hold of replacement parts, it is going to be very difficult to put things right when repairs are needed. You may even find it hard to get a service contract for your printer if it is over seven or eight years old.

How many printers do you actually need?

Chances are you won’t have to replace every single printer in your office. As today’s printers are faster, more powerful and more versatile, you may be able to reduce your printer numbers considerably without compromising on productivity. Some companies have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds by consolidating their printing infrastructure.


Many people are surprised to see how versatile today’s printers are. Modern printers aren’t merely capable of printing – they can perform all sorts of valuable business tasks. These include photocopying, faxing and scanning. By opting for a multi-functional printer, you can replace several machines with a single more powerful system. Contemporary printers can also carry out printing duties to a much higher standard than before and are able to cope with simultaneous tasks with ease. It’s likely that your business is handling more PDF files than ever before, so it really is important to work with printers that can deal with such vast data.

By upgrading your printers, you can make your business more efficient and productive, reduce costs and save time. Employees are far more likely to experience workplace satisfaction when working with modern devices that don’t leave them feeling frustrated and can be counted on to get the job done.

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