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Photocopier and printer cashback special offer

Limited time cash back offer

Great news for anyone considering a new printer or copier: We’re currently offering up to £500 cash back for new and existing customers.

For a limited time, KRL Group is able to offer cashback on certain new A4 and A3 devices supplied with a comprehensive, all-inclusive service contract (all toner, service, maintenance and repairs are included). You’ll be able to access our complete range of business rated machines, from Konica Minolta, HP or Kyocera.

Cashback offer: £500 cashback on certain A3 multifunction devices and £200 cashback on some A4 multifunction devices. Fully inclusive service contract, no toner to order, no servicing or maintenance charges.

Whether you need a high speed, high volume machine for a busy shared office space – or you’re looking to distribute printing more evenly to support social distancing measures, we have suitable solutions for you.

The best solution for your needs

One huge benefit of choosing KRL comes from our approach to hardware manufacturers. Rather than aligning ourselves to a specific manufacturer, we work with multiple suppliers. We specify the best solution for YOU, based on YOUR needs, rather than pick the closest match from a single hardware supplier.

This customer-first approach has led us to be the #1 choice for 100’s of businesses in and around East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We hope to welcome you to KRL soon!

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