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Managed Print Services

What is a managed print service?

One of the most vital (and often undervalued) components of a busy office is the printer. The printer is at the heart of a business’s ability to communicate within teams and with clients and customers. A managed print service offers businesses a single view of their whole print infrastructure. MPS ensures that printer resources provide

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fix photocopier problems
Photocopiers & MFDs

How to solve office printer paper-jams, problems and faults

Unless your office is 100% paperless, you can’t escape running into an office copier problem now and then. Luckily, you can diagnose the most common printer issues yourself with some basic photocopier troubleshooting. If you’re a KRL customer we recommend that you contact us for support, if not, here are simple solutions to some of

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environmentally friendly office printing
Cost Management

How Can We Make Our Office More Eco-Friendly?

We may be in a digital era, but plenty of businesses rely on paper-based systems to complete the job, and that is something that’s unlikely to go away soon. From filing and document archiving to creating legal documents such as wills and contracts, companies and their users depend on print-outs to do their work. For

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managed print is thriving
Print Solutions

Print is thriving – just ask the marketing specialists

It is common is misconception that print for advertising, is slowly on its way out. After all, now that social media exists, why would you ever need to print a leaflet? Well, if you ask the marketers – that’s simply not the case, and recent world events make print more relevant than ever. Replacing often

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home office printers
Print Solutions

Printing considerations for remote workers and home workers

While it seems just about the entire country has had to adjust to a new way of life and especially a new way of working, it does beg the question – what will the new normal look like for office workers based in home offices? According to Business Insider, many companies have found unexpected benefits

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digital transformation managed print
Photocopiers & MFDs

Digital disruption, can print and digital live together in harmony?

Digital transformation Digital transformation is front of mind in many industries right now. With home worker challenges, stretched resources and global uncertainty – it’s easy to see why some businesses are racing to swap traditional processes for entirely digital ones. And while it is crucial to stay abreast of new technologies, it is equally as

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is a paperless office even possible?
Document and Software Solutions

Is a paperless office possible?

You want a more efficient office. If you’re anything like me, you’d like to be able to find documents quickly, without rifling through filing cabinets. You would absolutely love it if your business was more profitable because your staff could focus on revenue-generating tasks rather than office admin. But there’s a problem. To achieve those

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photocopier cashback deal
Printer & Copier Leasing

Photocopier and printer cashback special offer

Limited time cash back offer Great news for anyone considering a new printer or copier: We’re currently offering up to £500 cash back for new and existing customers. For a limited time, KRL Group is able to offer cashback on certain new A4 and A3 devices supplied with a comprehensive, all-inclusive service contract (all toner,

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